Opinion: They came, made noise — and went home

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  1. Gus says:

    If you want to reward a rich white man from Carmel denouncing the largest single-day protest in US history as ‘a bit of noise’ comparable to a wailing toddler refusing to eat their vegetables and like it, be sure to support the following businesses:

    Flat 12 Bierwerks (www.flat12.me), Brian Hammons Productions (television content for Fox Sports), Kingston’s Music Showcase (www.kingstonsmusicshowcase.com), SWAN Software Solutions (www. swansoftwaresolutions.com), a Midwestern- based call center and The Anker Receivership Group, LLC. Also, Mr. Anker is the Associate Editor and Partner of Current Publishing, LLC. Its holdings include 11 local newspapers (www.youarecurrent. com). He is one of the founders of Monument Advisors, LLC, a mezzanine bank serving the capital and financial services needs of business concerns throughout the Midwest and PreferredPartner.com, Inc. (www.preferredpartner.com) a reseller of computer software and services. And, he has served as a Director on the Board of Symons International Group (formerly NASDAC: SIGC), an insurance holding company and IGF, a large multi-state crop insurance concern.

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